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Whether you are building from a set of plans or want one of our readymade designer homes you can expect nothing but high quality construction and a paramount level of service.

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Industrial & Commercial

Mattrix Group are experienced developers in the design and construction of warehouses and commercial buildings. Our team are passionate in delivering exceptional buildings that will not only open doors but provide endless possibilities for your company image.

We work collaboratively with our clients to develop strategies throughout the design, planning and construction stages to ensure we bring your vision to life.

A single point of contact

We understand that across the construction industry many different companies apply different disciplines and management strategies in order to meet deadlines and budgets.

Here at Mattrix Group we offer you a single point of contact for all of the work. A point of contact who understands your entire project, budgets, deadlines and requirements. Providing a turnkey approach to development, we take care of the entire project.

All projects, either commercial or industrial might not seem too different to the untrained eye, however all construction projects present their own unique set of challenges. The successful completion of these projects depends heavily on the management control and coordination of every detail.

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